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Is a greek exclamation for juvilant emotion and the translation in English is: Harmony, Faith and Love. Original greek is Ορμονια, πιστεως και αγαπη.
Opa has different meanings according to the situation, most popular is when somebody exclaim opa during a greek dance or suddenly something happens.
by Aris July 17, 2012
-International handbook for cooking
Great international cookers team
-International Hackers Consortium
Great international lamers team and fellow hackers
oh *fsck* IHC posted one another Denial of service on their webpage
by aris May 31, 2004
My shitty laptops has an hardware problem that makes it hang with a white screen on high IO loads, under linux, freebsd and windows. Packard bell did not find anything though.
see blue screen of death
fuck I've got a white screen of death while watching a dvd
by aris May 31, 2004
A word that describes our fine country of CANADA, located in North America. Only Canadians may use this slang term.
I am from the true north strong and free; CANADIA !
by aris November 30, 2004
1. "computer" "expert" in so-called security. Mostly known to leak and make profit from exploits and work done by blackhat hackers.
2. more generaly, morons at a few exceptions
3. people without any ethic (their ethic is money).
that fucking whitehat leaked that openssh vuln again
by aris May 31, 2004

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