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1)A fat ugly chick who does nothing but annoy and is not capable of going out in public without making a scene.
2)A girl so fat that she takes up one whole park bench.
Also see Rock and Basketball Hoop.
Random Person: "How long did it take you to get rid of that park bench?"
Yourself: "That fat chick stayed until all the food ran out."
#fat #obese #ugly #smelly #annoying
by Aries of STARS May 09, 2007
A girl that's too ugly to be seen in public with. Also see Basketball hoop and Park Bench
Random Person:"What happened at that party?"
Yourself: "There was only guys and a bunch of rocks there so I left."
#ugly #nasty #smelly #fat #annoying
by Aries of STARS May 09, 2007
1)A girl too ugly to mess with behind the scenes.
2)An ugly girl thats annoying enough to make you wanna commit suicide.
Also see Rock and Park Bench.
Random Person: (Laughing) "So what happened with you and that Basketball hoop?"
Yourself: "I kicked that annoying hoochie out of my house becuz she was annoying the crap out of me"
#ugly #nasty #smelly #fat #annoying
by Aries of STARS May 09, 2007
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