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Someone who is sassy, bold, confident (sometimes too confident and dynamic
Did you see that outrageous outfit Jenny was wearing? She can pull it off- she's a sasstress!
by Arielle Brittani December 07, 2005
a pretender, poser, someone who tries to be something they are not, a fraud or imposter
Look at that puny kid wearing that chain and trucker hat... what a Von Douchebag!
by Arielle Brittani December 01, 2005
(n): the act of studying. (the mind is normally numb and tired and starved)
I've been reading for hours... I am tired of this studation!
by Arielle Brittani December 01, 2005
an abbreviation for Leave An Instant Message
auto away message: I am out to dinner- laim
by Arielle Brittani November 20, 2005
(n): friends, friends that are girls
Going out shopping with my hot and slutties!
by Arielle Brittani February 22, 2006
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