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Famous comic maker of FunnyJunk.com. Known to commonly include his own iconic avatar, (A stick figure with black hair, thick lines, and a forward swept curling hair) in his comics. Also is noted for his fairly funny trash-talking lines. i.e. "Me fighting you would be like a gorilla with a club, fighting a kid with downs, armed with a ****ing spoon." i.e.2. "If i was to throw your gay ass over a fire, since you're so flamboyant, your rainbow ass would float."

i.e.3. "You suck so much, i'm starting to think you take after your mother."
Person1: "Hey did you see the newest Zomba comic?"
Person2: "I sure did!"
Person1: "Well that's.....That's just dandy..."
Person2: "Our lives are so empty..."
Person1: "Yes....Yes, they are.."
by Aric T June 21, 2010

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