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When it gets cold in Neverland.
The Neverland Fairy went into hibernation at the first frost, so the little children thought that it was safe to play in Neverwinter.
by Aribeth April 07, 2005
Please refer to www.metrosexual.com.
There is a website as mentioned above that addresses this concept.
by Aribeth April 25, 2005
An incident identical to the Tienamin Square Massacre that occured in Waco Texas, under the leadership of an identical regime.

This was a blatent violation of due process, and posse comitotus, in that a military tank was utilized in the massacre.

Timothy McVeigh unjustly avenged the massacre by lowering himself to the same level as the Clinton Administration by taking out the Federal building in Oklahoma City, and murdering as many innocent people as the Clinton Administration murdered in Waco.
The NRA made a very accurate assessment of Clinton's BATF when they called them "Jack-Booted Thugs", due to the Waco Texas Massacre.
by Aribeth April 12, 2005
A word that is used by underachieving morons who prove their lack of intelligence and common sense by purchasing another Microsoft-based machine.
Macinshit doesn't belong in the dictionary. Please refer to microshit.
by Aribeth April 19, 2005
What dumbass Windows users (er, Losers) call a MacIntosh.
Ever notice how they always use MacIntoshes in all the movies? Maybe there IS a reason why these actors make eight figures! They didn't get rich by considering them Macintrashes!
by Aribeth April 19, 2005
A way to someone to bust a cap in ya in LA.
Yo. Put that pointer in the glovebox before someone caps yo ass!
by Aribeth April 07, 2005
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