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15 definitions by Ariana

A "Trick" and a "Chickenhead" together
Gurl: I can't stand u!!!
Boy: Shut up trickahead
by Ariana July 22, 2004
calling someone a dork, but not the type when u look up dork on this website
Andy is such a dorkna
by Ariana April 24, 2005
sho-nuff is a word meaning....yea buddy meaning HELL YEA....meaning lets get the party started home g funk...it also means....*thats right*
Libby-are u coming to my house tomorrow?
by Ariana November 17, 2003
Doing something that nobody should know or wants 2 know.
I go wit J on da low-low but dont tell NOBODY
by ariana February 05, 2004
Language of the preps!!
thiduhgiz idagiz gidagebidageriduhgizh LOL
by Ariana September 11, 2003
comically retarded,stupid,dumb
She is so mesh.
by Ariana August 04, 2003
Fresh 2 def rimz on a caddilacc
Outkast (Elevators)
Me and you, yo mama and yo cousin 2
Rollin down the strip on vogues
Cumin up slammin caddilacc doorz
by Ariana July 21, 2004