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When extremely tall people make out with other extremely tall people.
Aw, look at Gigantor and his girl friend, that's some serious high tounging!!
by AriaMelody January 11, 2008
a person who is either so "fine" or really hot that you called them this and they didn't beleive you when you said it was a real word (sadly we can not put a picture ofyou on this site)
Cody: Have I seen you somewhere before?
You: Um...no
Gavin: I remember...you were that chick in the dictionary next to the word Kablamy!
by AriaMelody January 11, 2008
A ninja that is adicted to Bojangles, and considers it its DoJo. All Bojangles ninjas must go to training in Salisbury, NC.
Look at that sexy Bojangles ninja, eating his fried chicken and dirty rice!
by AriaMelody January 11, 2008
what you say when you have the munchies and somebody comes up and steals your waffle so you kick their ass
Leggo my eggo, bitch, fore I mess you up!
by AriaMelody January 11, 2008

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