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3 definitions by Argentina Smoke

Long, saggy tits, like Spaniel's Ears, that require rolling up to get back into the bra.
You wait until you've had kids and your tits become Roll Ups.
by Argentina Smoke July 15, 2009
11 4
Entering the dancefloor after that time of night when all the couples have left the nightclub to see what 'minor prizes' are left to try and sleep with.
Don't worry - after the sexodus has sifted out the couples, the 1am tombola will turn up something reasonable to fuck
by Argentina Smoke October 21, 2009
2 0
That time on (usually) Saturday nights at approx 1am when nightclubs empty to about half capactiy when all the lucky ones leave to have sex making it easier to spot the singles.
Right it's the 1am tombola now the sexodus has occurred.
by Argentina Smoke October 21, 2009
3 7