13 definitions by Arfalarf

An elite race of all-powerful shit throwers who will soon implement their plot to take over the world and drown the human race in a river of shit and jizz.
yo, don't fuck with the flying monkeys.
by Arfalarf January 28, 2004
cock sucker spelled wrong
whao dude, i cant spell at all!!
by Arfalarf February 07, 2004
A fairly simple matter of a nipple on someone's asscheek.
Look at those assnipples!
by Arfalarf January 28, 2004
what the hell are you people talking about? amazed means to be in awe of something
duh. morons.
by Arfalarf February 01, 2004
see abajehaba
Oogahlahtah!!! Your mother is coming!! Lemme whip out my wang!!
by Arfalarf January 28, 2004
the coolest game on the planet.
I play a lot of snood.
by Arfalarf January 31, 2004

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