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A non-religious holiday observed by friends, not family, who are unable to be together for either Thanksgiving or Christmas; unofficially observed the second Saturday following Thanksgiving but can be held anytime during the holiday season.

The Thanksmas celebration usually consists of a meal with said friends followed by a period of socialization.
Steve: Are we going bowling this Saturday?

Mike: Sorry man, Kate and Andy are having Thanksmas this Saturday, you're welcome to come along!

Steve: Is it Thanksmas already!? Sure!
#thanksgiving #christmas #friends #party #celoebration #non-religious
by Aretelio November 25, 2009
the act of unknowingly paying attention to a conversation between two friends on social networking sites such as Facebook.
Dan: Check this out Mike, I didn't realize I was absentmindedly readsdropping until just now but your girlfriend is totally flirting with some guy from high school!

Mike: Grrrr...
#facebook #reading #eavesdrop #convesation #social
by Aretelio January 28, 2009
the ability of a device to connect to the internet.
Yeah, I can view certain websites on my Blackberry, but the iPhone has better onlineability.

Xbox Live completely pwns the Playstation network in terms of onlineabilty.
#internet #connectivity #online #world #wide #web
by Aretelio July 17, 2008
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