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An Internet phrase used jokingly as an ultimatum to new members of a community to post photos of themselves (often nude) or to "get the **** out".
Cassandra1980: Hi guys, I heard this is a nice board.
P3rv69: pics or GTFO!
Cassandra1980: =|
P3rv69: =P
by Arelim July 08, 2006
The act of practicing psychokinesis by bending a small object.
Cpt. Murphy (staring at a spoon): Silence! I'm psychoflexing. *whispers* Rubber spoon, rubber spoon, rubber spoon...
by Arelim June 01, 2006
Net slang meaning "purple fog"; used to describe someone who exudes an aura of homosexuality.
You can't walk into that phoggy PlanetSide forum without turning gay, or at least bi.
by Arelim August 04, 2006
To physically manipulate (bend) an object via psychokinesis as psychokinetic practice.
I psychoflex spoons to maintain my mental strength.
by Arelim June 01, 2006
The scientific term for "asshole". Using it anywhere but the Internet may instigate the "roughing up" of your own.
KeighleyX8: Michelle "accidentally" tapped her SUV into my Mini's bumper.
ZzLindseyzZ: Gawds, she is such an arseaperture.
by Arelim April 23, 2008
1. A time-saving term for "vacuuming" with a vacuum cleaner.

2. A science fiction term for jettisoning a person or thing into the vacuum of space from a spacecraft or station.
1. It would be lovely if you would vac the bedroom while I'm at the store.

2. President Roz' primary method of conflict resolution is to vac the problem out the nearest airlock.
by Arelim August 28, 2006
The contraction of "see" and "not".
"Unless you filled your hard drive with porn overnight, I seen't why installing this program should be a problem."
by Arelim August 04, 2006
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