1 definition by ArealFriendDoesn'tStartFights

They don't exist, to be honest.

if you think about it. They all have beef with one another at any given point over the dumbest things, but once just mabey you'll see a friend that no matter her personal feelings on a subject, issue, or even some one they love, to a better idea of what is the right thing to do. Some times that is just to walk away. Even if you will have a huge group of people that will hate you for not agreeing with your principals. In the end, the only person you have at the end of the road is your self to rely on making your choices. It's ok if they hate you for walking away from a fight. A fight in the end is fight none the less! Thier not your friend if they want you to battle down a soul at any cost to gain some thing for them selves. In the end you will be caught in the cross fire and go down with thier ship. That was lead by a crew of badley trained assin monkey's that like butt sex;)
Thier the one that will tell you when you've had enough before you drowned yourself in whaterver you use to passify you sadness over loss. They are the one thar will always be thier to give you a ride and not complane because they know you don't have a darn car-lol and mabey got the short end of the stick without a richie rich mom and pop to foot your jail bill. Not having a dirty high priced atorney to fight a point for you that may be wrong.
A true sister never steels love or family from thier sister because they think thier way is better. A real friend would never steel your man/woman for a round of rompus nookie either. ILU spicy Currier.
Girl 1: Your a shit friend and you never stick up for me.
Friend: By that you mean not degrading people for thier looks and not fighting one of you drama fights over a man. Yes darling, I'm not going to do that. If you were my friend you wouldn't rely on me to help you creat a battle royal with some one I clearly don't have an issue with and respect very much.

Girl: she's such a friggen whore, did you see the way she looked at my man?
Friend: Did your man look back honey or are you over dramatizing to start an issue?

Guy: Bro I fucked that whore the other day with a face like a camels under taint!

Real Bro: Man you really shouldn't talk about it like that if you were inside of her. Your just as much at fault and a whore as well. Didn't I see you in bed with her best friend last week?
Guy: She's a whore too.
Real bro: Well dude, if you kept it in your pants a bit you might not be so mad about diong whores that give you VD. go do your friggen homework for a change and quit complaining!

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