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Usually a gorgeous teenage girl, That has everything you ever wanted, Goes out on dates with you, Kiss's you, holds your hand and looks into your eyes, says very meaningfull things to you, then you wake up the next day exited to talk to that person... only to found out STAB STAB they wanna be your freind, Most of the time the reason is they have found another cock to suck, but in some odd cases, they are just retarded.
Me: Hey hun, How are you today

Girl:Hey im awsome thanks babe, today was the best i love you so much

Next day

Me:Hey Gorgeous how are you

Girl:Um hi... im ok... listen ive been thinking, maybe we should be freinds

Me: O_o fuck you whore *sigh* i was lead-on again :(
by AreZ October 10, 2005
One who only crushes on someone who likes them first.
Sue has a crush on Sean and Sean has a crush-back on Sue
by Arez December 21, 2012

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