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When pertaining to someone that is hot or sexy...
That girl is seksi
by ArchAngel April 28, 2003
Derogatory inernet gaming term meaning a nutless lamer.
That fucking almer stole my kill!
by ArchAngel December 14, 2003
An abreviated gaming term used to denote a cheater.

Origins: Likely originated from a typographical error.

Synonyms: hacker, hackz0r, hA><0r, h4><0r, cheater, cheetar, ch33ter.

Related words: almer.
Nah, he's not any good, he's just a fucking heater!
by ArchAngel December 14, 2003
1337 WoW playa. Travels outside to go to school. Doesn't have a school jacket, but that doesn't matter...he's never cold. Knows alot about mirages...noone knows why. Spends at least 15hrs a day in front of some sort of screen be it computer or television. Has a thing for older women, well, one older woman, that is Tait's mum and yes, she has got it going on.
Long arms, uses them to play basketball excedingly well. Beats the one known as Radz in basketball. Curve wins even though Radz cheats and then claims his new rules are "street" rules.
Radz: 0mgz 1337 h4x
Curve: Fuck up hough.

Radz: No, you can take a dozen steps in "street basketball"
Curve: You're a fucking idiot.
by Archangel March 19, 2005
Group of 5 gay men who are completely devoid of any sort of personality and whose souls are empty. They initially started out as a moneymaking enterprise for a one Lou Perlman, but, becoming greedier, have since stuck out on their own. To date, not one of their songs has shared anything that could be considered meaningful with the rest of humanity, and indeed stand guilty of depriving many people of hope. Personally, I would like the 20 minutes of my life that I was forced to listen to their music back.

See also: N'suck
Wow, that N'sync really sucks. They are gay, right?
by Archangel September 04, 2003
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