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That which will prevent you from ever having to bother having sex with a fellow human being ever again.
"Honey? When are you going to be done playing World of Warcraft?"

"I'll be off in a second, babe."

*Several hours pass*


"I'll just play for another hour, sweetie."

*Several days pass*

"Um, Alex?"

"I'm getting right off, I swear."

*Several months pass. Guy finally gets off computer.*

"Okay, baby, what was it?"

*Girl's stuff is all gone. Crickets chirp in the distance.*
by Arcane Rose January 23, 2008
An obnoxious and totally undisciplined child.
"This woman at the next restaurant table was completely ignoring her kid as it threw dinner rolls at waiters and spilled its milk. I have no idea why she had the little cuntmuppet if she's just going to ignore it all the time."
by Arcane Rose February 26, 2008
The enviable state of being the happy boyfriend or husband of a beautiful sexy woman when all your male friends are single and bitter.
"Sorry, guys, I'm hitting a club with my girl tonight, so I can't come over for poker night. Yeah, yeah, I'm pussywhipped, whatever, but she looks better in a dress than any of you."
by Arcane Rose August 25, 2007
The state of being a parent completely dominated and controlled by one's children. The parental equivalent of pussywhipped.
"Joe and Jane are such diaperwhipped pushovers they pitched a fit when the chef at Spago wouldn't make Kraft mac and cheese for their kid."
by Arcane Rose August 25, 2007
The light film of sweat that forms on a woman's neck and exposed cleavage when she becomes exerted, or on hot summer nights. It generally has the effect of making her skin glow and her clothes cling to her body and the smell of her perfume more intense.
"Selena and I had been dancing for hours, and her hair was a mess, her eyeliner was running, and her chest was slick with boobie dew. She looked AWESOME."
by Arcane Rose September 02, 2007
A small child given to running around screaming. Unlike well-socialized children, who only scream when under duress (injury, physical attack by a large snake) a screechling will emit earbleeding screams apparently just to hear the sound of its own voice. These are often found in small packs in shopping malls and supermarkets, usually accompanied by mothers who barely acknowledge the screechlings' existence.
"Gads, did you hear the little screechling in the mall elevator? I think it ruptured my left eardrum. I don't scream that loud during an orgasm for crying out loud."
by Arcane Rose March 26, 2008
Any woman who breaks up with one chronically broke and unemployed boyfriend and then goes on to date a less financially inept man at any point in her lifetime. Usually applied to said woman by the chronically broke and unemployed ex-boyfriend she just left and/or his equally broke and unemployed slacker friends.
"Yeah, she broke up with him when he flunked out of school and got fired from his job for smoking weed in the parking lot in the same week. Now she's dating a co-worker at her new job. What a gold digger that girl is!"
by Arcane Rose January 23, 2008

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