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Very weird guy. Usually black. very lovable and friendly.
Wow look at qadir. I wish i was him.
by arap October 13, 2013
Leylaclart is the term given to someone with immense beauty, that cannot be confronted in a simple manner due to the lack of backbone or confidence in one person. Giving the word "Leylaclart" its own unique meaning.

The term "Leyla" originates from the Turkish forefathers meaning "Angelic Beauty". Combined with the term "Clart"(Blood) creates a new word meaning "Angelic Beauty by Blood".

This commonly used term is one which may either be seen offensive by an unwilling receiver, or a opinionated compliment of great meaning.
Boy: That girl is such a Leylaclart.
Other boy: Yeah, she sure is.

Girl: Argh! How comes your such a Leylaclart?
Receiver: Excuse me?
Girl: How comes your so beautiful?

Boy: Wow. You truly are a Leylaclart.
Girl: Awww thanks!

Cenk: Leylaclart.... -sly-
Leyla: :)
by Arap September 05, 2009

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