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A restaurant that employs scantily clad female servers
Richard: I took my girlfriend out to that new restaurant downtown, but it turns out its acutally a Breastaurant! Now she won't even speak to me.
Shawn: Dude.
by Aranwion August 24, 2008
Spock-tacular - Any person, place, thing, event, etc. that is as awesome and cool as Spock. Mostly used in relation to Spock as portrayed by Zachary Quinto in the 2009 Star Trek, but can be used in reference to the classic Spock played by Leonard Nimoy.
Guy 1: Dude, I just got into Harvard!
Guy 2: Wow, that is so Spock-tacular!!
by Aranwion May 25, 2009
acronym for Freaked Out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. first coined it the 2003 remake of The Italian Job.
girl #1: hey, tonight's your big date. how are you feeling?
girl #2: don't worry, i'm FINE
by Aranwion October 02, 2008

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