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Used in improper statements.


1) Laugh Out Loud

2) Lots Of Love

3) Lots Of Laughs

4) Lol On Louis

And so on
See acronyms above or look at this example:

**IM example**
In this example, we will use two imaginary people John and Fred.

**IM example**
John: hey

Fred: hi

John: wats up

Fred: nothing
John: hey you wanna hear a joke

Fred: kk

John: if quizzes are quizzical wat are tests?

Fred: testical... omg lol

John: lol testical testicle
by ArandompersonwhoisveryweirdxD December 27, 2010
A common misspelling for teh.
The greatest game ever is Curveball.
by ArandompersonwhoisveryweirdxD December 27, 2010
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