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Slang term for masturbating with another man, not for sexual gratification, but towards the end-goal of charging mysterious power crystals that the maturbatateurs wear. It said the crystals glow white "while jerking it with a bud" and that they give the wearer confidence at work, home, in social situations, etc.
"Hey bro did you bring your crystal? Then let's charge up and JO!"
by Arajay July 29, 2012
A sexual act in which a male collects his semen,either manually or with a partner, and dehydrates it (typically using a commercial food dehydrator). Later, a sexual partner re-constitutes the dehydrated semen in a glass of milk and consumes it.

This practice may be localized to the greater New Orlenas area.
I can't believe he ovaltined that girl! What a creep!
by ARAJAY August 28, 2008

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