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The greatest ninja-related game ever created.
"Dude what are you doing this weekend?" "Playing N+ at Frost's house, what else?"
by Araballz January 24, 2009
A tactical strategy in which a glorious ninja sacrifices himself to clear a path for his fellow ninjas by destroying a great many explosive red dots. *Origin: N+
"Thanks for miking all of those explosive mines so that we could get the key and pass through that one door" "No prob"
by Araballz January 24, 2009
A swirling vortex which spews blood and ninja gore when a ninja mikes creating the most obnoxious sound ever. *Origin: N+
"BLACK HOLE!!! count it"
by Araballz January 24, 2009
A humorous misspelling of the word origin
origine...think about it...
by Araballz January 24, 2009
A noob way of getting half a point and prestige by standing next to that one door the whole time. *Origin: N+
"Stop schantzing around and do something useful for once"
"Schantz does what he wants"
"It rhymes"
by Araballz January 24, 2009
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