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3 definitions by Ara_Jeff_Lovemates

Defining the singular person in your life who is a combination of both soul mate and lover.
Level above boyfriend girlfriend falling just short of engagement or marriage.
When we get our finances in order I intend to marry my lovemate.
by Ara_Jeff_Lovemates March 23, 2013
The toxic behavior associated with divorce, prior to and in the aftermath of the actual divorce. Accumulation of negative feelings and the hatred associated with former spouse.
His withholding of childsupport is just another example of his divorce-venum.
by Ara_Jeff_Lovemates March 23, 2013
The process of having a fix of caffeine before being able to start a functional day.
I will begin answering my emails as soon as I get my coffeestart.
by Ara_Jeff_Lovemates March 23, 2013