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A falsified righteous outrage at things that are basically unimportant and meaningless, frequently employed by politicians, political activists, or the media. Politicians and talking heads use it to garner support for their causes, to claim the moral high ground and to tar their opponents; the media often just uses it in a cynical bid to increase ratings.
Manufactured outrages of note include Nipplegate, the Monica Lewinski scandal, the 2009 tea partys, backmasked satanic lyrics, lapel pin controversies...

Just about any time you hear any politician, activist, or radio show host getting outraged about anything, really. The louder and angrier they get, the harder they're working at manufacturing it.
by Aquillion2 May 20, 2009
A generic name for ridiculously ultraviolent barbarian-type characters who exist only to murder and destroy and crush, especially in tabletop RPGs (where designing a character like that can be mechanically powerful, especially if the system penalizes you for having emotional attachments.)

The term comes from RPG.net, where it was originally mentioned in an ancient thread of horror-stories about terrible character names people have encountered. Often paired with Snake Gandhi, a similarly ridiculous name from that thread.
"So, yeah, the only weakness to this defense is if you're faced by someone you love... but if you play Killfuck Soulshitter, whose only intimacies are to Killfucking and Soulshitting, you're basically invulnerable."
by Aquillion2 June 22, 2012
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