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A Turkish conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier and proponent of Islamic creationism.

Some of his views and claims:

- Zionism is related to Freemasonry
- There was no Holocaust, just a Typhus epidemic (for which there is no historic evidence) that caused the death of some (!) Jews.
- Terrorism, including Islamic terrorism, is not the product of religious fanaticism, but of Darwinism
- There are no fossils demonstrating transition from one species to another (Fun Fact: there are. Ask any palaeontologist, and he will gladly show you and explain it in detail)
- Nicholas Sarkozy, Jacques Chirac and Tony Blair were influenced by his books (again, this is what he claims)
- Evolution is directly related to materialism, Nazism, communism, and Buddhism (Fun Fact: Buddhism existed MILLENNIA before any scientific theory of evolution)
- Intelligent Design is a tool of Satan

He defends his views by filing lawsuits and having the internet sites of people who disagree with him blocked. In 2008, he was sentenced by a Turkish court to three years in prison for "creating an illegal organization for personal gain."

Please keep in mind that all the things written above are not in any way influenced by my personal opinion, but simply facts that can easily be checked by anyone who cares to do so.
"The materialist standpoint, evolution theory, anti-religious and immoral lifestyles were indoctrinated to the society as a whole by Jews and Freemasons."
- Harun Yahya
#evolution #creationism #intelligent design #islam #conspiracy #conspiracy theory #turkey #turkish #adnan oktar #zionism #anti-semitism #holocaust
by Aquifex May 11, 2009
German expression meaning "fuck off" or just "fuck you", literally "fuck your knee". The origin of this expression is a pun with the archaic word "Kniefiez", meaning a very avaricious person such as Scrooge McDuck. Therefore, its original meaning was "If you're to cheap for that, you can go and fuck yourself.". However, with time it has become a more general expression that could be used equally well in any other context.
100 Mark für einmal kurz blasen? Fick dich ins Knie!
#german #fuck off #bugger off #ficken #verpiss dich
by Aquifex March 30, 2009
1. Salma Hayek, a great Mexican-American actress, known for films such as Dogma, Desperado and Frida.

2. Friedrich Hayek, a great Austrian-British economist and political philosopher, known for his criticism of totalitarianism and for his influential books The Road to Serfdom and The Constitution of Liberty.
"Dude, did you watch Dogma?"
"Yeah, Salma Hayek totally rocks in that film."

"Dude, did you read Friedrich Hayek's Road to Serfdom?"
"Yeah, the rule of law and free trade totally rock."
#hayek #salma hayek #friedrich hayek #actress #economist
by Aquifex January 17, 2009
A German word meaning

1. pal, mate, buddy etc. Plural: usually Kumpels.

2. A coal miner. Plural: usually Kumpel.
1. Ich treff mich heut Abend mit meinen Kumpels

2. Bei einem Erdrutsch wurden zehn Kumpel verschüttet.
#german #miner #mate #pal #buddy
by Aquifex August 28, 2010
The only (!) worthwhile German rapper. Also know as Taktloss, Takti der Blonde, Der letzte tighte Nigger, RealGeizt and SplitterChrist. Known for clever puns, completely nonsensical lyrics and uncompromising mockery of rap and rappers, including himself.
"Der See ist voller Leichen, der Teich ist blutrot, die Pfütze ist meine Pisse. Meine Nüsse brauchen sich vor niemandem zu verstecken, denn es gibt kein Versteck das groß genug wäre. Komm mir in die Quere und ich nehme mir von dir eine Niere - das soll dir eine Lehre sein! Unfaire Mittel wende ich an, ich beende jeden Text als Psycho-Mann (PSYYYYCHOOO!)." - Taktlo$$
#rap #gangsta #gangsta rap #german #germany
by Aquifex November 16, 2008
Definitely the best upgrade for the Chinese in Command & Conquer Generals. It increases the healing and increased fire rate of propaganda by another 25% permanently for only 500 $. Nuke Overlords + Propaganda Tower + Subliminal Messaging = Teh Ep1c W1nz0rzzz!!!!!11111111
Subliminal message upgrade is complete!
#command & conquer #command & conquer generals #zero hour #china #overlord #propaganda
by Aquifex July 14, 2009
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