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The sister of Aqueas, Baqueas, and Caqueas; the daughter of Doqueas
by Aqueas November 05, 2003
The brother of Aqueas, Baqueas, and Doqueas
by Aqueas November 05, 2003
AIM Jargon for the noun 'tomarow'.
Bob326: TTY l8r 4 sho. R U gonna B on 2marO?
Jon05: Fo shizzle
by Aqueas January 25, 2004
1. Derivative of the title/label "Princess Toadstool". A word used to describe someone who has done something incredibly stupid over and over again.
Bob: Oh shit!!! I'm sorry I dropped ALL the drums on the floor again...
Joe: Thanks a lot Princess Chodestool...
by Aqueas November 03, 2003
What an 8 year old kid says when he falls victom to a very strategically placed ketchup bomb right beside the doorway to the playground.
*Little kid circles around ketchup bomb 3 times*
Kid: Aww Man!!!
Angray Father: Thats it!!! We're going outside RIGHT NOW!!!
by Aqueas November 02, 2003
Troy State University which will soon drop the "state" part and become Troy University. A college in Alabama with the best music department in the state, featuring their Nationally Renound "Sound of the South" Marching Band.
TSU's Band is WAY better than the band at Auburn University.
by aqueas May 22, 2004
1. What came out when a Puertorican tried to say, "I'm gonna get my Puerto-Mother-Freakin' Mack on tonite baby!!!"
by Aqueas November 02, 2003

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