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21 definitions by Aqueas

1. A penis when used for oral sex, a treat for a lady friend. The "D" in D-Snack stands for "Dick".

2. A term used to put someone down by saying he or she wants a D-Snack. Also relative to the above 1st definition given.

1. Suzie wants a D-Snack. Bob wants to give Suzie his D-Snack. Tom says to Bob, "I think she want's a D-Snack". Bob replies,"yeah dude, she's cravin' it".
2. Nick says, "Mike's such a douche". Chuch follow's up with, "Yeah, I think he wants a D-Snack".
by Aqueas November 01, 2003
1. The alien from perfect dark.
by Aqueas November 02, 2003
1. Spanish for D-Snack. See also D-Snack word.
¿Quiere usted un D-Bocado?
by Aqueas November 01, 2003
1. Penis, cock.
2. A strange word pronounced "shaw-kay"
by Aqueas November 06, 2003
The brother of Aqueas, Caqueas, and Doqueas.
Aqueas, Baqueas, Caqueas, and Doqueas all went down to the pub for a pint of ale.
by Aqueas November 05, 2003
1. Testicles
Dang! Bob's dangling tweeters are HUGE!!!
by Aqueas December 02, 2003
Mother of Aqueas, Baqueas, Caqueas, and Laqueas. Wife of Doqueas.
by Aqueas November 06, 2003