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2 definitions by Aquanautilus

Spanish for a girl of small stature but tougher & sexier than Mr T's prostate doctor. A pocket rocket.
I say old chap ,that Susie girl is a veritable Poquito Roquito, my testicles hurt and i love it!
by aquanautilus June 26, 2007
The art or science of government as concerned with creating or influencing policy toward a new world order or one world government, the agenda of which is held by a relative overwhelming minority, those practicing Esopolitics.

1. restricted to or intended for an enlightened or initiated minority
2. difficult to understand; abstruse an esoteric statement
3. not openly admitted; private esoteric aims
The assassination of John Lennon was brought about not by a crazed fan acting on impulse, but by a consortium practicing esopolitics for the long term aims of promoting war.

esoteric hidden initiated selective plan difficult open clarity majority ignorance political obtuse accessible
by Aquanautilus July 09, 2013