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Lick My Fucking Butt Hole as defined by students of Duke University. The term originated from a group of six students that needed a good word to tell stuck up bitches to fuck off without actually using the words "fuck off." It has been storied that this term has actually resulted in one butt hole being licked, as the Czar of Duke did receive one rim job as a product of using the acronym.
Henry told Sally to "LMFBH" after she said no to going to Prom with him.
by AqUaMaN November 04, 2013
To open the hand and wiggle the fingers around during fisting.
She giggled with glee when he snuck her the tarantula.
by aquaman September 28, 2004
a. One who hooks up couples for marriages; usually does so for a hefty fee
b. A modern Greek tragedy
In ancient China rich families arrange their marriages through muiyans.
by Aquaman January 05, 2004

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