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2 definitions by ApuNahas

Daniel is a prince. Everyone loves him because he is so charming and caring. Some would even say that he's sexier than Justin Bieber, which some would say is impossible. He has a great smile and a squishy ass. The chicks dig it.
Wow, you're such a Daniel.
by ApuNahas March 28, 2013
25 0
No one likes Jacobs because you cant trust them:

. they smell like fish
. they steal your pop tops
. they fart in your face
. they sleep with your mothers

Jacobs have no penis, they have vaginas. This is because in reality, they are all a bunch of girls.
"Jacob, why the @%!$ did you sleep you with my mum?
by ApuNahas March 28, 2013
17 40