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3 definitions by AproSamurai

The "United Nerd Faction Of Random Ass Countries Who Met On A Laggy Ass Chat Room."
Girl #1-"Those UNFRACWMLACR Guys are awesome."

Girl #2-"I would so date that Samurai guy"
by AproSamurai October 17, 2009
The Act of Jacking off while saying you're masturbating while mistaking it for fapturbating, which means you are jackturbating.
Simon was Jackturbating to Haylee Williams voice in Airplanes 1 & 2.

Dude I just jackturbated all over the Palringo Chat.

I don't masturbate.....I jackturbate!!!!
by AproSamurai June 20, 2010
The act of a nerd becoming angered over bad linux compiles and resorting to taking it out on himself while watching porn.

Beating it into submission.
Guy #1: What happened to Jim?

Guy #2: His toolchain crapped out, he's left to go rageturbate but he'll brb.
by AproSamurai February 27, 2012