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The Negative kind:
1) a guy who has really nice hands and looks like he should be amazing at fingering but he isn't because he:
a) doesn't go deep enough
b) doesn't go hard enough
c) just doesn't understand how it should be done
The Positive kind:
2) a guy who, from the look of his hands, that are generally small or with small fingers, shouldn't be good at fingering but he is because:
a) he plays guitar
b) he understands that just in-and-out isn't fingering
c) he has nice arms
1. Mindy: "I wish all guys with long fingers were good at fingering."
Lauren: "Yeah, its depressing that some many of them are just faux finger bangers."
2. "Paige, have you met that new guy? He is such a faux finger banger, I mean, his hands are like mine, but damnnnnn."
by April_Jocelyn23 November 09, 2005
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