3 definitions by April Ann

Opposite of "I am your dad"
I am your mom. That's why.
by April Ann February 02, 2004
A guy who spends more time masturbating than having sex.
Jimmy spends far too much time being a cock fister. He needs a girlfriend.
by April Ann February 02, 2004
The surname of any male who is not only independent and strong, but also plagued with fouls odors that emit from the rectal area periodically. Has occasional bouts of conscience, but only when sober. Has no qualms about admitting to things that make others blush, and by doing so, makes all those around him think he's either cool, or utterly insane and in need of institution. Can also be an extremely gentle creature, but one cannot say so, or bouts of brash behavior ensue. Also lacking in modesty, thinks he is the most gorgeous, charming creature to walk the Earth. Thinks he can dance.
That Coble is a real pig, but I hear he's great in the sack and very giving. We'll see about that. Let's ask him.
by April Ann February 02, 2004

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