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A Saturday that is filled with much merriment and vivaciousness. A Saturday where life is lived like a drunken libertine. A strong, life-affirming Saturday.

Comes from the combining of the words "Saturday" and "diesel".
I can't wait for this Saturdiesel. We gon grill, drank beerz, ride jet skis, play with some baby panda bears, participate in an wild orgy, fight a celebrity, give birth to a albino gorilla, and go see a movie at the IMAX. IT'S GON BE SATURDIESEL!
by Apple Juice Simpson January 19, 2011
Slang term for a cigarette. The term combines the words in the phrase "bang a heater" together to form a noun. The saying originated in the city of Saint Paul, MN by the heavy drinkers in the Highland/West End areas of the city.
"Yo bruh, you trying to smoke a couple heat bangs with me bruh?"
by Apple Juice Simpson December 08, 2011

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