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Commonly on DeviantArt, when two artists exchange drawings for each other, particularly when drawing each other's character.
1: Wanna art trade? I'll draw your anime character.
2: okay, i'll draw your anthro character.
#deviantart #commision #gift art #da #trade
by Apotheosis April 29, 2006
Fucked. From "Royally Fucked".
Dude, I royalled that bitch, it was like totally.
by Apotheosis June 01, 2003
Relevant only during the Year of the Cormorant The act of not in fact winning a prize, or indeed any form of reward.
"You think that's funny huh? Well this is the Year of the Cormorant! Do you realise that?"
"Yes sir"
*suppressed laughter*
by Apotheosis June 01, 2003
The length of time in which you take the classes before your final exams.
"John, I wish it was still the YEar of the Cormorant"
"I know buddy"
by Apotheosis June 01, 2003
Snap Kick To The Side Of The Head. The inevitable conclusion of a whasian/wattanabe-wannabe/W-azn greeting an group of Kung Fu fighting asian people with "What's Up My Yellow Brothers?"
Some Kid: What Up My Yellow Brother?
Fujisawa-san : SKTTSOTH
*some kid eats wall*
by Apotheosis June 02, 2003
The generic name for a child sent to the house of another to "play" in order to get him or her out of the house while their parents make with the loving.
"Damn, Johnny's coming over today"
"Who's Johnny? some Kris Campbell, his parents are going to be macking"
by Apotheosis June 01, 2003
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