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these "gangs" are basically a group of white and stupid teenagers that created two gangs in Ridgewood, NJ known as the East and West Side Riders. This is so stupid because they are all in school and don't own any weapons or drugs, maybe an airsoft pistol or a few cigarettes here and there.

They think that its so cool to be a part of a gang, while all they do is curse and make stupid hand signs. They are too afraid to fight because of the possibility that they will get detention. They are idiots that have no future.
Ridgewood NJ gangs: yo nigga what's poppin?

Real gangbanger: yo I need some speed or ecstasy

Ridgewood: well sorry I don't know what that stuff is. Want some nerf bullets?

Gangbanger pulls out a 9mm

Ridgewood: please don't hurt me! (Crying)
by Apos~Crippin April 30, 2011

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