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4 definitions by ApoC_101

(adj) Lame salad is a complex adjective, often used incorrectly by those lacking the intelligence to comprehend such a term. Lame salad by definition, refers to something which is extremely lame, weak, sad, poor or otherwise, usually failing to achieve in very many aspects (or often, every aspect). Lame salad is a poorly tossed mix of uneven and very low quality ingedients (different characteristics or factors which suck excessively). When combined as a whole, the result is lame salad, which is not a good combination at all. Lame salad is most often associated with the following: total failure to achieve, complete incompetance in every aspect of life, absolute stupidity so rediculous you question wether or not its intentional or a joke, and a complete lack of care, direction or progress in a specific task.
"this happy meal is lame salad, why is the bun missing and why is there a pack of salt in my coke?"

"your mechanic did a lame salad job on my brakes, i cant even steer now and im stuck in reverse"

"you hear about that suicide on myspace? thats lame salad if I ever heard of such a thing"

"reality TV is lame salad"
by ApoC_101 March 31, 2006
49 14
a dirty vagina full of semen, from more than a single source. also, a used up gang bang victim or vaginally promiscuous whore that doesnt clean up after work.

also sometimes used for very dirty/slutty gay people who "catch".
"your wife is a scungecunt, she smells bad"

"tom is a big gay scungecunt!"
by ApoC_101 February 24, 2006
33 13
A douche unit is any person or thing, who's apparent assigned task in life, is to be a douche. they may perform very well or very badly at this, but the important thing, is that they are a douche most or all of the time, on a regular basis. they may wake up in the morning, and begin douching, as in, blowing nonsense bullshit everywhere, and then sucking shit afterwards. this process is repeated until they are killed, or locked in a soundproof room, or are distracted and find douchination elsewhere.
"Mike is a solid douche unit, it's really apparent he is only here to be a slimefuck"

"I tried to get to work on time today but a douche unit kept trying to pull over in the middle of the road to look at bullshit"

"Your order would be ready today, except a douche unit was involved in inventory control and shit went down, and up again"
by ApoC_101 October 24, 2007
14 1
A slimefuck is a person who is fucking slimy, and also retarded. the fact that they are slimy could refer to their lack of personal quality, hygiene, appearance, personal taste and lack of class, along with the fact they are a total dipshit and everyone hates them. generally all slimefucks are so shitty, that even other slimefucks dont like them, but this is not always the case. sometimes, slimefucks can roughly form together to form any number of slimy organizations, wether it be a law firm, real estate agency, used car lot, or political group.
"I spoke with a salesman today and he tried to sell me the worst tools I've ever used, that slimefuck. all of the tools broke, so I kicked his slimy ass"

"there was a slimefuck on the bus today that was eating a can of beans, and spilled em everywhere. his feet stunk, and then he puked on himself. got kicked off right after but the slime he left ruined the bus permanently"
by ApoC_101 June 29, 2008
8 2