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A guy who shows up late to class everytime.
bobby you're late!
by Apimpnamedslickback October 11, 2013
Typically an Asian, usually bald, has six fingers on one hand, and plays basketball. Although he is not very tall, he always manages to slam dunk. He has no other skills in basketball except this unique ability to slam dunk.
He also says "dat ass" whenever he sees a donkey.
Person: "Oh crap, there's a donkey, don't let Hojin see-"
Hojin: "dat ass!"
Person: "DAMN IT"
by APimpNamedSlickBack November 05, 2013
When a car with stock suspension is lowered by an obese person in either the front or back seat.A person of 300+ lbs can lower the car up to 4 inches and can bounce the vehicle if he/she chooses to shift weight.
"yo my cousin is a fan of chicks in Kentucky low riders."
by ApimpNamedSlickback August 17, 2007
-A salt water tank with corals under 30 gallons.It is also a bitch pimpin site with true mak daddys.
-A small blunt.
-a midget hooker/marijuana dealer.

E1:I have a 15 gallon nano reef.
E2:My hommie was puffin and all that was left was a nano reef
E3:My nano reef sucked my dick,then I got a Q/P of 'em
by aPimpNamedSlickback December 24, 2006
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