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In the state of utter confusion. One who gets confused by watching flies. Absolute sexiness.
He just ran into a wall and pantsed himself- he must be a ShawnDeClaude
by Aphira529 March 04, 2009
A herd/clan of students that tend to be extremely lazy, slacking on homework and peer pressuring themselves into not doing the work but somehow able to exceed other students. GT standing for Gifted and Talented, the label given to them when they were actually consistent in doing homework. Many of the GT Nerds have strange disorders, such as ShawnDeClaude, or Randomosis. All extremely devious in their own ways with the ablility to get away with not doing homework and sexy dancing in the middle of class. All in all, extremely sexy.

Nerd 1: Did you do your math last night?
Nerd 2: No, I was playing with my eyeball.
Nerd 1: Haha, me either, I was busy giving a bug CPR.
Nerd 2: Yeah, we are such GT Nerds.
by Aphira529 March 10, 2009

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