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Another name for the popular store, Juicy Coutre.
Hey mom, can we please go shopping at the Juicy Cooter today?
by Aphik December 30, 2009
When a male is dressed very nicely, complete with accessories. The word comes from the men's magazine 'GQ.'
Jake is looking pretty nice today.

Yeah, I know, he's all gq'd out.
by Aphik December 31, 2009
What Southerners call a toilet.
Steve did you clean the tollet since you blew it up?
by Aphik December 30, 2009
To fart.
Something stinks. John, did you just lay a flicker?

Yeah man. Must be those beans I had earlier. Sorry 'bout that.
by Aphik December 31, 2009
Slang for birdbath, used when describing a bath taken all up in the sink.
Honey, we're late for the party, hurry up!

Ok, I guess I'll just take a birdbaff.
by Aphik December 30, 2009
The explanation for what is really happening when a woman appears to fart. As we all know, women don't fart, so whenever it seems that a woman has farted, what you've really experienced is an invisible rhino fart.
Bobby: Susan totally just farted!!

Billy: Bobby, women don't fart. That was an invisible rhino.
by Aphik April 11, 2011
A term used to describe someone having a major tantrum.
Tom: Dude, Sarah was totally pissed when I told her she didn't need to eat anymore Happy Meals. She had a fit!

George: Man, I bet she had a piss factory fit!
by Aphik November 04, 2010
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