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1. The inability to keep a lead in a sporting event;
a) to lose a game in the last minute or second.
b) to surrender a walk-off homerun or lose in sudden death

2. Incomplete; to not finish a task; to stop prematurely.

3. To be shot down in a social setting.

see also: Coug It
Orgin: This term is used by the alumni of Washington State University Cougars for their athletic teams lack of ability to win big games after holding large leads against top ranked teams and the University's archrival the University of Washington Huskies. Games are usually lost in the last seconds.
1. Wazzu couged it when the Huskies
kicked a field goal in the last second.

2. Mike was getting his freak but couged it before he hit her spot.

3. Mike couged it when he tried to get her number.
by Aph Roman February 27, 2004
The nickname of Washington State University, located in Pullman, Washington.

Orgin: Citizen of the state of Washington used to describe Washington State University during the party days of the 70's, 80's and 90's as a zoo instead of saying WSU.
1. Washintgon State University no longer recognizes the slang nickname of Wazzu in any of its licensing of sports gear or for its athletic teams.
2. I went Wazzu because I wanted to party and get my education on.
by Aph Roman February 27, 2004
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