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Sokaris (Other names: Seker, Socharis, Sokar) was the primary Egyptian god of the Memphite funeral cult and its nearby burial grounds and tomb sites. He was seen as a manifestation of the resurrected Osiris, and in later dynasties he was combined with Ptah and Osiris into one deity, Ptah-Seker-Osiris (see below). He is most often found depicted on royal tomb walls.

Though he was a death god, Seker was also the patron of the living, mainly the workers who built the necropolis and the craftsmen who made tomb artifacts. He was also the patron of those who made ritual objects and substances used in mummification.

His dedicated festival was the Henu Festival, and was held every year in Thebes. The festival celebrated Osiris' resurrection as Seker. It involved a huge procession with the image of Seker being carried in a gilded boat.

by Apex July 16, 2003
one very fine women.
Jack: who was that hot sext girl u was with?

me: Kandi
by Apex November 08, 2004

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