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2 definitions by Apathyerror

An anogram that debuted in the 90's in South-Africa and possibly other places of the world.... It stands for "No Ambition and Fuck-all Interest".....Certianly one of the best anograms around.
Person 1: Dude, wazzup with you? Why you not chillin' with a smile on your face?

Person 2: Sorry bro', I'm uber-NAFI today....Got work tomorrow man.

Person 1: Aw that's savage dude, here, have a joint.

Person 2: Sweet :)
by Apathyerror September 02, 2004
A word that is used to describe a situation or action as being bad. It can be used as the opposite of cool for the most part, if referring to a situation or action.
Person 1: Hey man, what happened to your dreads?

Person 2: I over-did the peroxide....And they fell out dude.

Person 1: Ah man....That's Savage!
by Apathyerror September 03, 2004