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Definition of Post-Identity : After gender identity, not identifying with a single gender

Being "post-identity" means that a person is past the point of gender identity. (He or she does not identify with the fact that he or she is a he or a she)

This means that a person does not comprehend his or her genitals or amount of X or Y chromosomes that a person may have.

This is a commonly used term by Gay and Lesbian activists that describes the superior mindset of the activists over the majority of society. Being post-identity not only makes you a more understanding person, but it increases your intelligence and charm around fellow liberal minded individuals.

Bro 1 : Yo bro, you gonna hit it with that librarian chick

Bro 2: Umm... shes straight but she says I'm not post identity enough

Bro 1: No worries bro, just tell her you don't know the difference between dick and pussy !

by Apathetic College Student October 16, 2008

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