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3 definitions by Aokun

Deciding something before understanding it. Assuming that someone will steal because they are black is an example of prejudice.
I think I'm prejudiced myself. I assume that anyone who is prejudiced is an idiot.(Of course I am!)
by Aokun January 26, 2004
A system of selecting a frontrunner for a political candidacy, becoming more popular in recent days. It is majorly consumed by radicals because only the people who really feel strongly will attend.
We're having a caucus? There goes our hope of getting a moderate candidate. We're screwed!
by Aokun January 22, 2004
Someone so consumed with the desire to not be labeled as a poseur/poser that they act differently than is true to themselves so they can avoid labels.
He seems a little too eccentric, and he seems kinda fake. Probably an antiposeur
by Aokun January 22, 2004