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The opposite of PROGRESS.
PRO = Good
CON = Bad
GUY 1: Hey, man, did you hear about what the government's working on in D.C.?
GUY 2: Yeah, but it's not gonna get us anywhere good. They're the Congress.
by Anything Goes Tonight October 16, 2010
A pop band that has mistakenly been labeled "punk rawk." A load of emos that picked up guitars and microphones and only got their break because of a female lead singer, as if female rockers never existed before (ahem, Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, etc). Their career revolves around their singer, Hayley Williams. Just another Pop band that a bunch of naive kids listen to in order to feel emotional, deep, and emo... even though Paramore's lyrics don't go deeper than shallow breakups and even more shallow heartbreak. Their image matters more to them than their music's quality, which is also poor. Going without saying: DON'T LISTEN TO PARAMORE.
Naive Kid 1: Paramore's the best band ever, they're so punk rawk!!
Smart kid 1: Honey, time to get a life. And a taste in music.
by Anything Goes Tonight October 23, 2010
Another pitiful song by Miley Cyrus, the wannabe girl who's trying too hard to act 25 when she's 17. Get a clue, Miley.

The song has an even more pitiful music video, another example of a 17-year-old trying to act 25. *sigh* Again, get a clue.
Girl 1: hav u herd can't be tamed, i feel so badass cuz i heard it!! i CAN'T BE TAMED, CAN'T BE TAMED!!!
Girl 2: You need help getting a life.
by Anything Goes Tonight October 23, 2010

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