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to make a bloke Cum with ya hand
Come on babe just give us a quick hand shandy
by Anvilman January 14, 2012
A white man who has sex with Black indiginous woman
White man Black girl,gin jocky
serina's boy friend is a gin jocky
by Anvilman June 06, 2010
Over weight person in Thailand
Hello Mr you like Pom poi, No I like Nik noi
by Anvilman November 04, 2014
to give your penis a quick couple of tugs before getting out of the pool or water at the beach, self inhancement Half a Chubby
just Krank it a bit and it will be all good
by Anvilman January 14, 2012
(fucking) (orange) (thing). Beer drinking, winfield red smoking, bad hygiene unhealthy pale skinned red headed person
here comes me old mate FOT
by Anvilman October 09, 2011

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