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3 definitions by Anushree Deshpande

So hilarious that you end up howling with laughter
Checked out urban dictionary today?? Some of their definitions are utterly howlarious!
by Anushree Deshpande September 22, 2007
A euphemism used in place of 'nothing'
'What are you thinking about??'

'Oh... French Pasta'
by Anushree Deshpande January 04, 2008
The phenomenon of having so much information on one subject due to researching on it but being unable to draw it out into sensible written representation. Most commonly suffered during exams, thesis writing and such.
I can't quite get my paper written even though I have all the required information. I must be suffering from head constipation.
by Anushree Deshpande September 29, 2007