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when an Indian man or woman is at a bakery and takes an excessively long time to pick out a cake and has no idea what frosting or cake even is. Often wastes the bakers time by taking a half hour to order a cake and the baker cannot finish his work for the night.
Jimmy: "Hey jeff, you were gone so long, why did it take so long to take that cake order?"

Jeff: "Oh, that was just another I.C.O. (Indian Cake Order) Took forever, now i wont have time to set up the Italian bread.

Jimmy: "well looks like you got another I.C.O. waiting for you over there."

Jeff: "Dam, now i am never getting any work done tonight, Mr. Gettler is gonna kill me tomorrow."
by Anus Keithwhore July 31, 2010
(N.) When one partner is guilty of the same things they accuse their partner of doing.
Fred: "My girlfriend got mad at me for feeding the dog chocolate today, but ive seen her feed the dog chocolate many times before"

Steve : "that's what I like to call a relationshipocrite Fred"
by Anus Keithwhore May 14, 2016
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