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Ashton Kutcher.
Ashton Kutcher is the "King of All Douchebags."
by Anty Dizzle October 29, 2009
The false principle that asserts to others the fact that you are automatically not a douchebag simply because you call other people douchebag.
Anytime Ashton Kutcher uses the word douchebag, he is claiming "douchebag immunity" Even though we all know that Ashton Kutcher is the King of All Douchebags.
by Anty Dizzle October 29, 2009
A 6PBF is an acronym for 6 Pack of Back Flaps. When an obese woman is wearing a tight shirt and her back flaps show through, she exposes her 6PBF. The 6PBF consists of the first two flaps on top of the bra, the main two rolls underneath the bra, and of course the muffin top above the pants. Also known as the Half Rack of Back Flaps(HRBF).
I was going to have sex with her, but I was turned off by her 6PBF. Then I got drunk and did it anyway.
by Anty Dizzle December 23, 2008
(Pronounced shaw-shee) A person who is shady, sneaky or otherwise untrustworthy. A douche.
I don't like that guy, he's hella shoshy.
by Anty Dizzle December 23, 2008
A liquidy substance comprised of fecal matter(shit) and vomit. Generally this substance will be collected in a bucket, sealed, and allowed to ferment over a time of no less than 3 months.
One of these days that girl is going to piss me off so bad that I'm going to splatter a giant bucket of shomit all over her down comforter and the interior of her car.
by Anty Dizzle January 26, 2009

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