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2 definitions by Antony - D

A term that is derrived from "dribble on your beard", meaning litteraly that one has no controll over their salivating

1. Originally refers to a senile person

2. Common insult with no meaning such as Gay

3. Someone who is a complete Arse/Tit
1. My Grandad became a Dribble Beard so we had to but him in a home

2. Oi, why'd you spill my drink you dribble beard!?

3. See that boy, yeah, hes a right dribble beard
by Antony - D March 28, 2008
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Someone who is such a cock that just calling them a dick, cock or knob just won't do
Why, you my friend are beyond a Dick, your a ruddy dick penis!
by Antony - D March 28, 2008
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