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The absolute worst boy band in history. Imagine a majorly watered down garage group (e.g. So Solid Crew) made up of mainly white wannabe teenage 'gangstas'. If garage wasn't bad enough already, we have to listen to this shit. Thankfully though, I think they 'went thier seperate ways'.
Chavette: Oh, My GOD!!! Like, the Blazin' Squad is comin' to town, innit! I is like SO excited!

Normal Person: Fuck off and get a job, you slag.

Blazing Squad = Shit
by Antony August 09, 2006
Stands for Stop Looking At My Bush. Used by bimbo blondes who get laid too much.
Guy: How you doin'?
Blonde: Fuck off and SLAMB!
by Antony January 13, 2006
When, following the consumption of unhealthy amounts of alcohol, ones usually easy going and tolerant views are discarded for a somewhat more robust manifesto.

Stemming from 'paralytic' (Brit. slang) meaning extremely drunk.
Hello Bob. Did you have a good time last night?

No Ted, I feel like shit and I can't remember how I got home. I hope I didn't become paralytically incorrect.
by Antony December 20, 2003
Something a chav says before engaging in a battle with a fellow human.
Oi! You starting? Come on then, lets have it!
by Antony November 26, 2005
A frustrated exclamation.
"Hey Joe, your computer's just crashed."
by antony December 17, 2004
Used to describe something that is very good, usually intoxicating substances of some kind.
Whoa, man! That shit is sharp!
by Antony June 07, 2006
British slang for £5.
That DVD'll cost you a jacks.
by Antony November 10, 2005

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